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If you are planning to start with horse rising, it’s time to plan to “buy Australian saddle onlineat reasonable prices. You can place your order at Equesa as it will be your logical choice. Reason is the economic sensibility and lower risk factor to buy cheap Australian saddles online from our store.



What is an Australian saddle?

An Australian saddle is a beautiful modification of traditional English saddles. A modification that was required for the saddles to be able to sustain on the rugged land. The key difference from any English saddle is addition of packed up knee pads. These knee pads are called “poley”. Similarly another addition is the over-girth, this helps a horse rider to have a tight grip during the ride. You may even find an Australian saddle quite close to the designs of a western saddle. This is because it too has deep seating and high cantle for a more secure seating. We have “cheap Australian saddles for sale online”.


Who can use an Australian saddle?

Mostly it’s a popular choice among the lady horse riders but honestly it’s a saddle for everyone. If you are planning on owning a first saddle for yourself, Australian saddle it is. Australian saddles are used by people world wide and most commonly the new horse riders and women. One of the reasons is secure seating of such Australian saddles. Explore our products section for “buy saddle online which we manufacture ourselves.



Where can I buy an Australian saddle?

Now when planning to buy something you are new to, we’d suggest you to “buy Australian saddle online”. This is because it involves clutter free thinking and convenience of delivery at door step. No salesman will bother you trying to clutter your thoughts into buying their expensive product. There’s less risk factor involved too with cheap prices available online at




Is it possible to get real leather Australian saddles online?

We will say yes because we sell them. We sell 100% genuine leather Australian saddles. Check out our AUSTRALIAN EQ-080 model of Australian saddle available on our website. “ Cheap  Australian saddle onlinefrom us.  Our model AUSTRALIAN EQ-080 comes with a horn, a traditional roping tool that gives it an authentic look. This saddle has hand carvings done on it by our expert workers. The material of our saddle is oil treated water buffalo harness. And the price is just $299. That’s some deal we are giving.




Are Australian saddles comfortable for horse riding?

Not only are the Australian saddles amazingly comfortable for the horse rider, they are also very comfortable for the horse. Australian saddles are the most comfortable of all saddles out there. When you want fo for rides that will last for long hours, Australian saddle should be your choice. so Buy Australian saddle online today as our OEM Australian saddles can guarantee you the satisfaction of quality and comfort. You may place an order for our model AUSTRALIAN EQ-080 thinking it’s another OEM “cheap horse  saddle ”. But we assure you that you will be impressed by our quality.