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Buy Australian saddle online” from and savour the the joys of horse riding like never before. Take a look at our beautiful Australian saddle EQ-090, a perfect Aussie saddle for secure seating on a horse ride.


What is an Australian saddle?


An Australian saddle is a similar to English saddle, except it is modified into a better variant to suit the needs of Australian horse riders. In the times as early as 1788, the people of England moved into Australia to settle there along with their English saddles and horses. With time they realised that the English saddles won’t last in the rugged terrain of Australian land. The English saddles were more suited for rolling hills and valleys but Austrian land is more rough and uneven. For such a base for horses to run, now Australians modified English saddle. We have a few “Australian saddles on sale on our website, you may explore that section.


Who can use Australian saddle?

An Australian saddle is kind of universal saddle and pretty much anyone can use it. Australian saddles are more popular among the women folk because they have a very secure seat. But Australian saddle has no sides with gender and anyone can use it for their horse rides.  So feel free to “buy Australian saddle online through our website for starters for we have good prices available.


Where can we buy Australian saddle online?


Out of plenty sites available on the internet for saddles, we’ll suggest you to take a look at our products at Equesa. We have good variety of OEM”cheap Australian saddles onlinelisted in our products section. Each product is made out high quality material. The saddles are also hand-carved by our skilled workers.


Can we get real leather Australian saddles online?


Yes, lot of sites so in fact sell real leather Austrian saddles, our site being of them. We suggest you “buy real leather Australian saddle online” from us. Each of our saddles is made out of 100% genuine leather that is treated with oil. Our saddles are well made which also makes them strong and durable. When you plan to “buy Australian saddles online, an OEM saddle would make a good choice. For people may be anxious about investing in a product that is sold online. But because our products are available at such a good price it’s a deal you can’t miss. When you buy Australian saddle online from us, you’ll be impressed with the quality.


Are Australian saddles comfortable for horse riding?


Our Australian saddles are made to be comfortable while riding a horse. Not only are they comfortable for the rider but they are also comfortable for your horse. You can enjoy horse riding for long hours with our “ buy saddle online. One of our beautiful models to consider is Australian EQ-090. This model has a fur padded cotton girth and has deep seating for secure rides. It is also light weight weighing only about 26 to 28lbs and seat sizes ranging from 19, 20 and 21 inches ensuring proper fitting to suit your needs.