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Are you planning to purchase Australian Saddle online? Is yes, then it could be a little hard task in terms of its size. Australian saddles are comfortable for horses to wear on longer rides. But when it comes about the size, it is far different from that of western saddles or English saddles. Here in our blog, we will provide you with some helpful hints to find the perfect size of “Australian saddle online.


The size matters the most as it provides safety during the ride. Australian saddles are extremely popular not because of their design and but due to their perfect fit size. You may anytime contact experts at Equesa to get more details about the actual size of saddle. It is designed in such a way that it accommodates the need of the rider as well as the comfort of the horse.


Know how the Australian Saddle is Measured?

Australian saddle can be easily measured from the front of the pommel o the very top center of the cantle (i.e. back of the seat). The measurement in inches is the actual size of the saddle. You can visit anytime to find the unique shape and size of the “Australian saddles online”. Our Australian saddles almost fit every horse and are comfortable to wear. The wool is heavily padded inside that will mold to the shape of the horseback maintaining a clear channel for the spine.


What Are The Features Of Australian Saddle?

The Australian saddle is very comfortable to sit, similar to that of the chair. In comparison to that of western saddle your legs will be out in front of you. This position will make you more comfortable to reduce stress on your lower back. The knee pads on the Australian saddle should be ¾ of an inch away from your upper thigh. If you are close to it then you will need a bigger saddle. And if you are far away to it than smaller size saddle will be a perfect fit for you and your horse.


How To Buy Best Quality Australian Saddle Online in USA?

In order to “buy a quality saddle online”, first be aware of the size of the saddle that will fit your horse. After that, you may Google for the best quality saddle online. You will find Equesa in the top ten rankings. Once you place your order from our website we ensure that you will never back off. We deliver our products within 8-10 working days. Australian saddle will be ideal for long endurance riding or for ranch work that you have been looking for.


 Over the time, saddles have been modified to offer comfort and safety to both the horse and the rider. We have latest new designs available for Australian saddle at our store. You may visit to get an efficient double girthing saddle that provides leverage and prevent saddles from slipping. Don’t wait for anything and buy Equesa Australian saddle online at reasonable price rates.

Is that easy to buy Australian saddle online?

Those people are very fond of for horse riding and they want to feel very comfortable while riding I think Australian saddle is the best option for them. If you are looking to “buy Australian saddle online” then Equesa is the best company to providing the best quality lather saddles. They have also a variety of saddles its depends upon your choice that what you are looking as like , western saddle , English saddle , western youth saddle as well as Australian saddle , you can choose according to your choice.