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When the English people had started to settle in the Australia they had also brought their horses with them. It was hard for them and their horses to continue the journey on old saddles from England to a rough country like Australia. It was because of the environment that they came up with their own style of saddles. The saddles that they designed were better suited to the country’s environment. 

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To “buy saddles online you can use our website which is renowned and cost effective. The key difference in an Australian saddle is its “poley” which is a name for the packed up knee pads. Another of such differences is an over girth, this lets the horse rider have a tighter grip which protects them from slipping or in sudden breaks. Also these days’ Austrian saddles come with a feature of horn on them. An Australian saddle is very much close to the western saddle as it has a deep seat with a high cantle helping the horse rider to stay put comfortably over the saddle.


Who can use Australian saddle?


It’s a saddle for all who loves horse riding, and is a very popular choice worldwide. Though, mostly it’s suitable for horse riding activities that are in general for very long hours. It also has a rather secure seat which makes it a choice for the female horse riders. No matter how harsh the conditions go, an Austrian saddle is made for the comfort of the horse and its rider both. You may be into working with cattle, helping start the new young horses or if you simply ride horses as an everyday pleasure ride or endurance ride, an Australian saddle will suit your needs for sure. If you are looking for “cheap Australian saddlethen you are at an absolutely right platform.


Where can I buy Australian saddle?


You can easily “buy Australian saddle online on our website where you will be able to see the list of OEM products we manufacture and sell. We make sure that you receive quality product so the quality check starts right from the raw material of our saddles and from there each step is checked. We don’t advertise much but our prices are so much lesser than other brands selling the same kind of product.





Can we get real leather saddle online?


Of course, we at Equesa use only genuine leather to make our saddles. Each saddle is beautifully hand crafted and carved by our skilled workers who make sure each saddle that goes out to our buyers are special and unique in them. Our “Australian Saddle for saleis available at much lower process than that of the market..


Is Australian saddle comfortable for the horse riding?


Yes, absolutely because of the over girth in an Australian saddle, it will give you a nice comfortable long hours of rides. As given in the Australian saddle description above, the saddle is ideal for your riding pleasures. Our website offers you to buy “Australian Saddle cheapanytime when you place or order or get in touch with us.


From Where We Can Buy Cheap Australian Saddles Online?


Consider buying “cheap Australian saddles online at reasonable prices because you get all the features of high priced branded saddles in an OEM saddle that you can easily buy online. There’s always some Australian saddle sale online, but you must compare from different places to judge the qualities. Let’s look at what Australian saddle is and some of it’s features. In this article we’ll discuss the basics of an Australian saddle and about buying saddles online.


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