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The Australian saddles can be a decent choice for the riders as they extremely secure you in the seat. Australian saddles tend to fit somewhat higher and additionally forward on the horse than the western saddles so that the rider rides with a more forward easy riding position. Australian saddles follow English size, which goes around 2 inches bigger than western seat measurements.



Ø  Genuinely handmade with 100% Genuine Leather - Oil Treated Water Buffalo Harness Leather

Ø  Smooth top grain leather for a soft, durable and beautiful competition saddle.

Ø  Short forward panels, padded flap with small knee block for a touch of security.

Ø  Nicely attached Softy Covered Knee Pads.

Ø  Solid Brass Rust-Free Hardware’s used in accessories.

Ø  Built with the strong wooden tree to ensure durability.

Ø  Built with Soft and Cushioned Softy Covered Seat.

Ø  Very deep level seat and much lighter in weight.


Details of the Items Included in this Package


Ø  Without Horn Stock Saddle in Oily Brown manufactured with Harness leather

Ø  Fur padded cotton girth (under girth)

Ø  Leather Over Girth

Ø  Leather Stock fenders

Ø  Solid Brass Forged Stirrups

Ø  Dimensions

Ø  Weight: Approx. 26-28 lbs

Ø  Color:  Oily Brown

Ø  Seat Sizes: 19, 20 and 21 inches to ensure that you receive the proper size and fitment.


Product Code: EQ-090
Seat Size                        

Product Description

Equesa EQ-090 stock saddle without stock is designed and built with maximum durability in mind, this comfort seat model is ideal for long scenic rides, polo cross, riding young horses, or for any rider who prefers extra comfort a new premium Australian stock saddle without horn and fittings !!!.



Manufactured in premium leather, thick, supple and well-oiled with beautifully handcrafted. Deep embossing decorates the fenders and exquisite intricate stitching. Attention to detail and materials makes the Equesa stand out. Crafted with hand-selected leather so supple it flexes and conforms to every move you make.



A fur padded cotton girth (under girth), leather over girth, leather stock fenders and brass stirrup are included with this saddle. Please remember you are receiving more than $100 worth of free tack with this saddle .you can't get any better deal than this.


An Australian saddle also is known as “Australian Stock Saddle” is generally a cross breed between an English & a Western Saddle. While the western Saddle’s inceptions can be followed to the Spanish Saddles utilized by the North American pioneers. The Australian saddle can be referred to as the offshoot of English saddle. In order to modify the hunting saddles so as to meet the requirement of the cattle business, the Australian pioneers changed the saddles to look more like English saddles; however, it has various western saddle highlights as well.



What Is The Secret of A Long Life of The Australian Saddle?

How can we determine the life expectancy of a saddle? It depends upon its original quality, utilization, and the proper care of the saddle. Well-assembled saddles that get substantial use can endure forever with legitimate care. And you all are aware of the fact that a well-built and well-cared saddle can summon a good price. This should influence the seat to administer to the individuals who esteem their venture. With a little attention and elbow oil can give your Australian Saddle a long and sound life.



Where can I Buy Cheap Saddles Online at Reasonable Prices?

A saddle is an accessory used as a supportive structure on the back of the horse by the horse riders. It is fastened to the back of the horse by a girth. These days you can easily “buy saddles online” from different online stores but our company Equesa can provide you with the right kind of saddle at many reasonable prices. We make and sell OEM best quality “cheap Australian saddles for sale” on reasonable prices.



How To Buy Australian Saddles Online In Best Quality?

We at Equesa sell the best of the saddles you could get. Buy our best quality “australian saddles for sale” online, our Australian saddles are designed to be comfortable when you ride with it. Our saddles will provide you with the comfortable ride for long hours making you less tired than usual.



For a beginner in riding horses, our western. Of course, the development for an independent seat and hands for a saddle is critical for the riders. This style of the horse saddle has been used in all of the International Federation of Equestrian sports in Olympics in equestrian disciplines.



We have specifically engineered and developed our cheap leather Australian saddle designs that allow your horse to move freely, whether it’s jumping or running or even while moving quickly across the rugged and broken country with their fences.



From where Can I Buy Quality Australian Saddle Online?

We make amazing Australian OEM saddles, “Australian saddles” are popularly used all over the world for different activities with respect to horse riding, that usually is likely to require long hours sitting on a saddle and secured seat. Whenever you would be thinking of involving in such activities, always consider buying our Australian saddle online from official website of Equesa.



Our Australian saddle for sale is suitable for the cattle work. Our cheap leather Australian saddles no horn is not only cheap in price, but also rich in quality; we have designed it carefully for providing you with security and comfort while riding on our saddles no matter how harsh the conditions may be.



This Australian saddle we sell online may have its design roots in best quality saddle structure in the matter of its seat and fenders, panels or stirrups but it has a lot more deep seat yet higher cantle and the knee pads are in front which creates an absolutely secure saddle for your horse riding activity, even if you ride in rough conditions or tend to spend very long hours in-house riding.



This Australian saddle is kept on girth that’s attached to the billets, that’s under the flaps just like those similar to the dressage saddle. A passing over surcingle by the seat of our saddle will also provide you with extra safety and the rear part of our saddle is secured by a copper. Our OEM cheap saddles online have a combination of some features of Australian saddle which are available at our website of Equesa at reasonable prices.



Buy Australian saddle online at affordable prices at

We manufacture great “Australian saddles that are the styles used in riding disciplines, it’s rather imperative that you use just the right kind of saddle. Dressage saddles or jumping saddles or any trail saddles. These all types of saddles have got really small yet quite significant distinctions in these styles. However each of our high quality yet cheap priced leather saddles will provide you with for the horses to have the freedom of movement, which is required for the rider to carry out your command. So make the wise choice of equipping yourself with the right kind of “Australian saddle”.


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