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How To Find A Suitable Sized English saddle Online At Reasonable Prices?

When you place your order for the Saddle and it has arrived then firstly make sure that it fits you and your horse appropriately and it must be returned unused if find inappropriate. While fitting the saddle at your horse, use a thin sheet or towel before putting it on his back. Equesa is a leading company to deliver the best saddle products to its customers. You may contact us through the mentioned phone number or may also prefer to drop us an email our representatives will shortly revert you back for any of your queries.


Product Code: EQ-060
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Product Description


English saddles are the general term used for Saddles which envelop the majority of English riding disciplines. The various types of English Saddles contain dressage, cross-country eventing, lead line, horse saddles, perseverance, manufactured,Buy English saddleetc. It is important to find the right English saddle for you and your horse and it depends upon the few factors such as the size of your horse, synthetic or leather saddle, and your budget as well. English Saddles are designed to give freedom of movement to your horse which allows the rider to be in optimal position to remain balanced during the horse ride. It is therefore important to find the right size of your English saddle. The type of the English saddle is differentiated on the saddle flap length, the shape of saddle, placement, and balancing of the saddle, etc.

Why English Saddles Are Comfortable To Use?

Around the world, English saddles are the primary saddles which are utilized in English riding disciplines. In order to meet the needs of a particular discipline different types of English saddles, are designed under some variations such as show jumping, dressage, endurance, saddle seat, side saddle, racing saddle, polo saddle, etc.  For instance, dressage saddles are intended to give the rider a closer vibe with the pony which enables the rider to give better flags.

Dressage saddles are designed to give the rider a closer feel with the horse which allows him to give better signals to his horse. Whereas Endurance saddle is based on military or police saddles which is used for a long distance of endurance riding. Its main motive is to provide comfort and balance to both the rider and the horse in order to cover long distance over rough terrain for multiple days as well.

Care instructions for Your Valuable English Saddle

The “English saddle for salewhether they are synthetic or leather made may be damaged under an extreme temperature of hot or cold. It is therefore suggested to keep your saddle at a proper level of moisture to avoid any damage. It should be kept away of garbage and dirt, you can wipe it with a soft and clean sponge after your ride. If you are using leather English saddle then use glycerine gel or saddle soap paste with 100% neatsfoot oil. Exceptional synthetic English saddles can be washed with man-made materials & faux leather, conditioners are also important.


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