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15 Inch Barrel Style Western Saddle - Genuine Leather

Because our “ western saddle for sale are made out of the absolutely pure harness leather, they are always very flexible so that you can get them to fit onto any horse or at least most horses if not all but more likely to easily fit. Our products are so genuine that you can even trace our western saddles easily for the craftsmen, its inspectors etc through a leather lot number on them. The tree is specially made in Asia for the American horses and proud American horse riders ensuring they fit you properly.


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We have a new 13 inch youth pony tooled leather western saddle set that comes with a silver trim. It’s an OEM  “cheap western saddles  ”  at reasonable price of just $299. In this article we wll give you some basic information about western saddle. So now even if you are new to the horse riding activity you will be able to understand better about which saddle to buy and what will best suit your needs. Let’s talk a little bit about what western saddle is first of all.


What is a western saddle?

As the name suggests of a western saddle, these  saddles are for western riding and will mostly be used over the horses in work force in cattle ranches, in fact western saddles are used throughout United States though particularly in the west, hence the name “ buy saddle online


When you think of west, what comes to your mind? It’s cowboys with hats riding their horses in hot deserted areas surrounded by wooden buildings. They are the cowboy saddles that you must have seen in the Hollywood movies or you must be having some degree of familiarity with western saddles if you are one of those rodeo fans.


Now, who can use cheap saddles online you may think?

Well, western saddles were mostly designed for providing good secure seating while riding a horse. It would be a good choice when planning long rides for some kind of travel over a rugged terrain. Western saddles are popular mostly among men, though everyone can use western saddles. You will see western saddles on the horses when visiting a guest ranch for some horse riding. Personally too if you are a fan of horse riding, just go ahead and “ cheap  saddles online. OEM would be a good choice for starters as an OEM western saddle would be pretty much the same as any other branded ones yet at a better price range.


Where can you buy a western saddle online?

We have plenty of models to buy of western saddle online on our website www.equesa.comOur “western saddle for sale “  are listed well in our products sections where you can explore them. There are plenty recommendations and a new 13 inch youth pony tooled leather western show saddle set with a silver trim is a beautiful piece to choose.


Can you a real leather saddle online?

Absolutely, and why not? We at Equesa personally buy excellent quality raw material to manufacture genuine leather OEM western saddles. So of course you can “pink western saddle ”  and our website is one of the good places to consider.


Are western saddles comfortable?

Yes they are, they are exactly designed to be comfortable for you and the horse you are riding. The description of the model given above will tell you how secure the seating of our western saddle is, so you must order “western saddle for sale




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