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NEW 13 Inch Youth Pony Tooled Leather Western Show Saddle Set with Silver Trim

Western saddle seat sizes range from the smallest youth to the hard to find adult sizes. 


Product Code: POS-11NV
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Product Description


When we say the word western saddle, we picture rugged cowboy riding a horse with a hat in the deserted west. A western saddle is a most treasured possession for him because without it a cowboy can’t work. For what’s a cowboy without his western saddle? Also without a western saddle, he can’t ride his horse which is the signature activity for him.


What is a western saddle?

It’s a saddle made by and from the west and very popular choice for most of the male horse riders. Our new 13 inch youth pony tooled leather western show saddle set with silver trim is something you could consider. The model POS-11NV is just for $299. Western saddles are quite widely used all over the world. Even though the western saddles were first made for working horses among the cattle, it’s now more famous as saddle used in pleasure rising at most guest ranches.


Who can use a western saddle?

You can use one yourself for starters and so can anyone else who wants to ride a horse. If you are new to western saddle “buy western saddle online for that’s easier because nobody is going to bomb you with his suggestions. This suggestion bombing is something we often see when we physically go to a branded saddle shop. So check out our deal for “western saddles on sale online”.


Where can you buy western saddle online?

It’s not that difficult to “buy western youth lather saddle, yes there are many sites offering many products. Here is a thing to suggest though, go for OEM western saddles. You can “buy cheap western saddle onlinethat has good prices yet have all the features of high priced branded saddles. You can visit our official website for more details. We have listed several “western saddles on sale online” with an appropriate description for each product.


Can you buy real leather western saddles online?

Yes, at least from our website western saddles are guaranteed made out of real leather. We buy high-quality raw material and get our products through quality checks on each step of the process. You can “buy real leather cheap western saddles onlinethrough our website from the category of western youth saddles.


Are western saddles comfortable for horse riding?

It takes a little practice for the beginners but it gets easy as you go. The thing about western saddles is that once you settle in the seat of a western saddle, you are well fixated to it. Once you do get fixated though, you can easily get on with the horse riding for several hours. So in this way, it is quite comfortable, also if you are used to western saddle buying our model no. POS-11NV makes sense. It has a nice 13 inch seat of leather that’s drum dyed and fitted well. The saddle looks beautiful because of the hand carving done on it. The barrel model has fibre made tree attached to it and all this for just $299. What a deal!


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