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16 Inch Circle S type Roping Saddle

♦  Seat: 16" Suede Leather
♦  Bars: Full Quarter horse
♦  Swell: 13"
♦  Gullet: 7"
♦  Horn: 3"
♦  Cantle: 4"
♦  Skirts: 16" - 15" x 27 1/2"
♦  Stirrup Adjustment: 32" to 40"
♦  Weight: 45 lbs.


Product Code: DUCK-02
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Product Description



Presenting a beautiful 16 inch circle S type Roping saddle, something that holds the essence of the west at a price of just $399. What is a cowboy that has not tried cow roping at least once in life? Roping a cow is no longer frequent activity, but it used to be one of the key activities of a cowboy that works with cattle.




Let’s know more about what a western roping saddle is?


Well, a roping saddle is a type of western saddle that ensures the load during roping of an animal.  This particular type of western saddle was purposefully designed for demanding needs of the horse rider that requires a good amount of movement.  The freedom of movement is necessary while trying to rope an animal. A good roper with this kind of saddle will be able to chase and rope the cattle to the horn provided on the saddle. For this kind of strength activity, the saddle horse must be strong enough to withstand it. And you can “buy western saddle onlinewith such strength on our website.




Who can use western saddle?


A western saddle which is mostly popular among the male horse rider crowd, it is a unisex saddle used worldwide by all. So there’s nothing particular about them. However, a roping western saddle that you are looking for is listed on our website. We have “western saddles on sale here. A 16 inch circle S type saddle could prove to be a good choice when considering “cheap western saddles online.





Where can you buy western saddles online?


When shopping for western saddles online, one should consider an OEM western saddle that has all the features of mainstream western saddles. For the starters we will suggest our website where you can “buy cheap western saddles on saddles on sale”. Though you can find a long list of options, we at Equesa maintain certain standards for quality which is why we recommend you to “buy a western saddle online from us.




Can you get a real leather western saddle online?


We can’t say about other websites but we at Equesa sell 100% genuine real leather saddles and horse rider accessories. You can “buy real leather western saddlesfrom us and we guarantee you that the quality will be upto the mark. We do quality checks from beginning to end and buy the high-quality raw material for our products.





Are western saddles comfortable for horse riding activity?


To be honest it’s a matter of time and getting used to. Our 16 inch circle S type roping saddle has a seat of 16 inches with full quarter bars, the horn provided is 3 inches and cantle of 4 inches. The stirrup adjustment of 32 to 40 inches will help you adjust and settle into the saddle seat well. To ensure the strength and hold our western saddle with product code DUCK-02 is of 45lbs. With all these features you must “buy a western saddle online from us.






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