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16 Inch Circle S type Roping Saddle

♦  Seat: 16" Suede Leather
♦  Bars: Full Quarter horse
♦  Swell: 13"
♦  Gullet: 7"
♦  Horn: 3"
♦  Cantle: 4"
♦  Skirts: 16" - 15" x 27 1/2"
♦  Stirrup Adjustment: 32" to 40"
♦  Weight: 45 lbs.

Product Code: DUCK-03
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Product Description



We at have an amazing product for all you cowboys out there. A beautiful 16 inch circle S type roping saddle just for the price of $399. Check for the model no. DUCK-03 right in the product list where you can “buy western saddle online”.


What is a Roping western saddle?


It’s a type of western saddle used for roping an animal. This practice is fading with time but it’s a cowboy skill most of the cowboys are proud of. Roping a cow, for example, was a practice used by cowboys that worked with cattle. They had to chase a running animal, capture them with a rope and tie it to the horn provided on the western saddle. We have such “western saddles on sale on our website at reasonable prices.





Who can use a western saddle?


A western saddle is a widely used saddle by people of all ages all over the world. The Western saddle is mostly preferred by the male horse riders but it’s not really a gender-based saddle. You can find western saddles being used in many places. From the cattle farms to guest ranches to rodeos, you may as well own one yourself for simply pleasure horse riding activity. You can “buy cheap western saddles online as a beginner. The price here makes a big difference. It always feels safe to buy a cheap western saddle online instead of an expensive one when shopping a newbie. But you will be impressed by our quality products.






Where can we find western saddles online?


If you try to search, there will be plenty but we will suggest you our website where you can “buy western saddles online”. We have many “western saddles on sale online. Each OEM product of high quality that is up to mark guaranteed. And because they are OEM they contain all the features of mainstream saddle yet at very low prices.





Can we get a real leather western saddle online?


Yes, sure lot of sites, in fact, do sell leather western saddles online. We sell real leather western saddles ourself. We get high quality raw material to manufacture 100% genuine leather western saddles. We maintain quality standards in our products so you can “buy real leather western saddles onlinefrom our website without any hesitation.




Are western roping saddles comfortable?

Our 16 inch circle S type roping western saddle is quite comfortable. It will provide you with freedom of movement required for the roping activity. You can develop quite a skill with regular practice on our roping saddle. Some of the features include a 16 inch seat that’s made out of suede leather with full quarter horse bars. The horn which is the key here is also 3 inches where you can tie the rope. Cantle height of 4 inches and a stirrup that is adjustable from 32 to 40 inches. For sturdy seating the saddle of 45 lbs so that the saddle can endure the pull from the animal. So consider “cheap real leather western saddles online and begin your journey as a cowboy.


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