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NEW 13 Inch Youth Pony Tooled Leather Western Show Saddle Set with Silver Trim

♦  Seat: 13"

♦  Semi Quarter Horse Bars

♦  Skirt: 18"Lx18"W

♦  Gullet: 6"

♦  Pommel Width: 9"

♦  Cantle Height: 3"

♦  Horn Height: 3"

♦  Stirrup Adjustments: 24"-28"

♦  Headstall Bit to Bit: 31"-36"

Product Code: POS-14NV
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Product Description


Here we present you with our brand new 13 inch of youth pony tooled leather western show saddle set with silver trim on it and that too just for $299 only.


What is a western saddle?

A western saddle is what a cowboy rides day in and day out. The western saddle comes from the west where the cowboy with boots and hat reside representing the western culture of the United States of America. It’s a tradition and has a pride of its own. The style is trending and used by the people worldwide. It is especially popular among the male folks, though women ride it with as much pride. A western saddle is the essence and the style a rodeo fan would want to adapt to. But for a beginner, it’s best to “Youth Western Saddle Size Chart


Who can use a western saddle?

A western saddle is something anyone can use. It’s just a matter of preference really. Take our new 13 inch youth pony tooled leather western show saddle set with a silver trim for example. The model no. POS-14NV is just for $299, something you might want to buy and try it on. You can buyYouth Barrel Saddles easily and explore what could suit you the best, who knows it could be a western saddle for you?


Where can you buy western saddle online?

When you start searching online, you will find several websites with several western saddles but we suggest you first land on our website and take a look at the list of “Western Youth Saddles “that we have at reasonable prices. Our western saddles OEM which makes them almost the same as the big brands that famously stand in the market yet at a big difference in price. Just log on to our website and take a look.


Can you buy real leather western saddle online?

Absolutely you can, our website is being one of the renowned real leather saddles provider. We assure you that each of our products are made out of genuine leather and hand-crafted into the beauty that you can visualize in the pictures on our website. They are all made out of genuine calf leather and drum dyed into traditional colours with a twist. The hand-carved linings just add up to the uniqueness making it a lot more elite in its own way. Yet with all that you can still  “Youth Western Saddle Size Charthere, what else would a horse rider that is just beginning to ride want?


Are western saddles comfortable?

They most certainly and most of the times are pretty comfortable. If that is ever your concern, check out on our model no. POS-14NV in the category of western youth saddles. You’ll see that it has a 13 inch seat and semi quarter horse bars. The skirt is of 18 inch by 18 inch in length and width dimensions. An adjustment stirrup is provided between 24 inches to 28 inches which you can adjust as what best suits you. You will find a gullet of 6 inches and cantle that has a height of 3 inches and a steady traditional horn of 3 inches of height. The description may be tricky if you are a new rider, but when you buy western saddle online at such a low price it’s a safe bidding.


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